Testimonial- Warren Jobbitt,

Manager of Educational Development
Canadian Ski Instructors’ Alliance
Head Coach Interski 2015

"I have always felt that my alignment was off and that I could achieve some of my skiing goals with an adjustment.  Bec did a great job assessing my stance, questioning what I feel in my boots, what I would like to feel and then went to work.  After some great punching to allow my foot enough room to do what it needs to do and a boot sole plane, my boots have never felt more natural on my foot.  The difference on snow was incredible.  I could feel the snow much better and was able to balance more effortlessly and not feel that I had to search for balance.  Just wish I would have done this sooner!!”

Rebecca has been bootfitting for many years and has been my bootfitter of choice because of her excellent knowledge not only of bootfitting, but also biomechanics and ski technique. 


She understands how the foot works in conjunction with proper body alignment to ensure the foot can work inside the boot for maximum performance. 

Most recently, she has worked on my new boots the last couple years.  The combination of boot sole planning, footbeds and punches to allow my foot to work properly has increased my overall balance and performance."

- Clyde MacLennan,

Technical Director, Sunpeaks Ski School

"I probably had the privilege of skiing and learning with, and from, many of you last week during the Course Conductor Training in Banff.  As most of you would remember, on Sunday night, there was a boot fitting clinic as on option on our agenda.  I brought my new boots to the clinic (Lange RS 140), and over two nights of assessment and boot work, I now have a boot that is comfortable and performing to my highest expectations. When I skied on Monday morning at Lake Louise, I was surprised at how dull my skis felt.  When I skied Tuesday morning, after a tremendous amount of punching, some sole planing, and new foot beds, my skis felt almost too sharp.  I could go on and on, but you get the picture. The time and money spent on boot fitting with Bec has made my early season turns, feel like some of the best that I have ever done.  If you are thinking that your boots could be working better for you, a consultation with a boot fitter of Bec's caliber is the place to start."

Testimonial- Tom Bazley,

CSIA IV, Instructor at Lake Louise

"Teaching skiing full time I understand how important our equipment is and how it affects our comfort and performance. I had always thought that ski boots were uncomfortable and that we just had to deal with the pain.

Getting my boots fitted at the Banff Ski Lounge I relized that they can be comfortable. My boots are now well fitted and my toes are warm. The staff are true experts when it comes to maximizing performance from a properly fitted boot. They have the equipment and knowledge to adjust stance alignment through boot sole planing. They took the time to do all the necessary fine tuning and catered to my specific needs. It is definitely worth the investment!

If you're looking to improve as a skier or to simply enjoy your day on the snow, an expertly fitted ski boot is essential. The Banff Ski Lounge is the place to go. You will be amazed by the difference."


Testimonial- Tristan Tafel,

Canadian National Ski Cross Champion

“The team of boot fitters at the Banff Ski Lounge are incredible. They pay such great attention to detail in their adjustments to every component of the ski boot and work tirelessly to ensure every aspect of the boot is the right fit for the customer. From selecting the right boot for you to custom foot beds and punch work, everything they’ve done has made a noticeable difference in my skiing.

Before visiting the Banff Ski Lounge I never knew the importance of stance alignment and sole planing boots, I have now realized these are a must for any serious skier. I will never ski a stock boot again.”

I am recommend Bec Johnson for her outstanding knowledge and attention to detail when it comes to boot fitting. Last season was my first year working with her and I can easily say that her work had a large impact on my results and that it helped me perform. I have yet to have a set of boots that were comparable. Bec put in 8 hours of work; dialing in numbers, taking measurements, and setting angles so I was aligned. No detail was missed. Things felt much more natural this year when it came to turning and gliding.

As a member of the Canada Ski Cross Team I would recommend her to any level skier be it World Cup athletes, provincial ski team or a recreational skier."

- Kathryn Targett,

Alberta Mogul Team

"I first went to the Banff Ski Lounge to get a pair of boots fit by Bec Johnson during the 2011/2012 ski season. I was immediately impressed with the knowledge and skills Bec had to offer and soon had the best pair of high performance boots I had owned, which helped me to excel in the sport I was in.Bec has extensive experience in this industry and is someone that I recommend every skier to go see for a fitting.

As a competitive mogul skier on the Alberta Mogul Team and ski enthusiast, I know first hand how greatly equipment and fit can affect the way you perform on the hill. Ski boots in particular are the most important piece of equipment a skier will ever own and it is necessary to have the proper fit in order to achieve the performance you are looking for. I believe that a piece of equipment that I spend over 100 days a year wearing should not only give me the performance I need but also the comfort required to be able to log as many days in a season as possible.

The boot fitters down at The Banff Ski Lounge have helped me to realize that boots can be not only comfortable but have the high performance I need while skiing. I did not expect to put on the brand new pair of boots I recently got at the Lounge, and ski a full day Revelstoke mountain with no pain what so ever and the best performance I’ve ever had in a boot. I am pumped to have a pair of boots that meet my performance and comfort needs finally! I can’t give enough credit to the Ski Lounge for taking me in like a family member and helping me to get the perfectly fit boot for my needs.

She has gone out of her way to extend her knowledge by taking race coaching programs to better understand the needs of the athletes. Bec is the most knowledgeable boot fitter I have ever had the pleasure to work with and really produces the perfect product once she is done. You can really tell the difference once you are on the hill and clicked into your skies. She combines a level of comfort with high performance to allow for the best boot fit. I believe that the fit of a boot makes a major difference in the performance of the athlete’s skiing and I personally noticed this in my own experiences.

When I originally came to Bec with the pair of boots I had purchased she was unsure as to whether they would be the right boot for me. After taking calculated measurements and analyzing the shape of my foot she came to the conclusion that the boot was not the correct boot for me, however I decided to keep the boot and try to make as many adjustments to make it work. She was able to make a lot of changes to the boot I had originally come to her with and really put me on her priority list as I was leaving for a training camp the next morning. I came back to Bec two weeks later, after a training camp, begging her to put me in the boot that she knew was the perfect fit all along. With her recommendation and many adjustments to make sure my knee alignment, foot bed fit, and performance were all taken into consideration, I can confidently say that the boot I purchased from Bec is the best fit and preforming boot I have ever owned.

What I really respected about Becs work, was that even though she knew a different boot would be better for me she did all she could to try and make the original boot I had brought in work for me. I have undergone two ACL reconstructions in the past four years. Bec takes all injuries into consideration when creating the best fit for an athlete. Her knee alignment system has really helped me to feel less pain when skiing and build my confidence significantly. Boots that fit incorrectly can often lead to further problems and by having Bec asses all previous injuries she is able to make the best changes for prevention.

Without Bec at the Banff Ski Lounge I can honestly say that I would still be in the incorrect boot and not have the high performance tool she has given me. I am grateful to have found her fantastic shop and she is definitely a one of a kind boot fitter that takes a lot of pride in her work. Bec provides a great service to the ski community and as a former competitive athlete I would recommend a consult with her business before purchasing a new pair of boots to athletes and recreational skiers alike."

Banff Ski Lounge
Banff Ski Lounge